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Try-Before-You-Buy Urban Chicken Farming

August 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Rentachook manufacturers have applied the ‘try it before you buy it’ concept to urban chicken farming. Never considered keeping chickens before? With Rentachook’s eco-coop package, you can try out chicken farming and see if it’s for you.

The package includes a chicken coop, two hens, a feeder, waterer, food and straw. The idea behind it is to allow people who may not have considered chicken farming or who are wary of such an undertaking to try it out and see if it fits in with their lifestyle.

The package costs 360 Australian dollars. Potential urban chicken farmers can try it out for up to six weeks before making a commitment to keep the hens. The trial period can be extended past six weeks if needed.

If you decide to keep the hens, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an urban chicken farming extraordinaire. If chicken farming’s not right for you, return the package and get back 260 Australian dollars of the money you originally put into it.

If you try it before you buy it and decide that chicken farming is something that fits with your lifestyle, you’ll gain the many benefits of having your own chicken coop: farm fresh eggs, and a pet that eats weeds and turns compost.

The big benefits of the ‘try it before you buy it’ concept as applied to chicken farming is that it encourages people to try keeping an environmentally sustainable pet and thereby produce their own food. Because you can try it before you buy it, the up-front commitment is reduced. This will hopefully spur more people to try out keeping a pet that will benefit them, their community, and the environment.

Click here for a link to the original article about try-before-you-buy urban chicken farming.



Animal Shelter Offers Rent-to-Buy Pets

August 10, 2010 Leave a comment

The New Leash on Life animal shelter in Lebanon, Tennessee lets families try out pets before they buy them. The rent to buy concept is applied in the shelter’s new Puppy and Kitty Sleepover Program.

The program has been in place for about 3 months now, giving families a chance to get to know an animal before deciding to buy it. The Puppy and Kitty Sleepover Program allows families to take home a pet for up to 30 days.

Because they can try out a pet before they buy him, families will be able to get a feel for whether or not the animal fits into their home. So far, the program has helped about 40 families make informed decisions about adopting a pet.

Some families may not be ready for the responsibility of taking on a puppy, and won’t know this for sure until they’ve tried having the pup in their home for a period of time. When they realize that having a puppy does not fit into their life, a family can go back to the shelter and get an older dog instead.

The goal of the program is to have every animal find the right human bond. Allowing prospective pet owners to ‘try it before you buy it’ guarantees that both the animal and the owner get what they want.

Click here to watch a video clip explaining the Puppy and Kitty Sleepover Program.


Want to Win a Pony for Your Kid?

December 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Wanted a pony when you were a kid? We know how you feel. The clip-clop of the feet, the shaggy tail—you would have been the envy of the neighborhood. But chances are, you never got that pony, no matter how much you begged your folks.

OK, now how’d you like to get a pony for your kid (or for a kid in your life)? That’s an opportunity we at Rent2Buy have just cooked up: we want to give away a free pony, for one month, to a lucky parent of an even luckier kid. If you’re the winning parent who wants to keep the pony, you get the option to buy it.

We repeat: We put up rent for the pony for you for one month—and you get the option to buy it for good.

Sound crazy? It probably is. But it’s also probably the best holiday / birthday gift a kid could ever get. We rent/ lease the pony for you for a month; if you decide to buy it, your kid will have a horse (once the pony grows up).

Of course, we also realize that there’s a lot of logistical thinking that needs to go into this. How do you find the right kid? Should a contest criterion be that you live near a stable? Could you just come to visit the stable over the weekend? Should we consider a contest with other livestock (a goat? a cow? a whole farm?)? Can you name the pony if you don’t know if you’ll buy it?

You see where we’re going with this—there’s a lot to think through. And maybe there’s a rent-to-buy angle here that could make the contest even better, that we’re missing out entirely on this contest idea. That’s why we’ve decided to open the idea up for discussion.

So leave some comments below–let us know what you think of the rent-to-buy pony contest. What do you think about winning a pony for a month, with the option of buying at the end of the month? How do you think we can make this contest the best it can be? We want to hear from you.

We’re looking forward to your thoughts—and, of course, we’re looking forward to giving someone the option of ponying up for a pony soon.

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