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Rent2Buy Unveils Virtual Auto Mall

September 30, 2010 2 comments, an online marketplace to rent or lease products with the option to buy, announced plans to launch the Rent2Buy Virtual Auto Mall in January 2011.

With the Virtual Auto Mall consumers, who are in the market to purchase a used rental car, can visit one online location and view inventory for sale from a variety of rental car companies in their area. The inventory appears in a search results matrix similar to results screens on Expedia, Orbitz and Kayak.

“The Virtual Auto Mall marries Rent2Buy’s unique ‘try-before-you-buy’ concept with a traditional auto mall,” says Moti Kahana, founder of Rent2Buy.

The Rent2Buy system allows participating rental car companies to list units for sale that are still on rent, therefore avoiding the traditional fees and time associated with a traditional auction sale. In turn, car shoppers have the option to buy the vehicle and apply the rental fee to the purchase, or simply pay the rental rate and walk away.

“Car dealers in a traditional auto mall benefit from the ability to pool resources, while the concentration of inventory and variety of brands make the auto mall a car buying destination,” says Kahana. “This type of marketing alliance empowers dealers – or in this case, rental car companies – to sell more cars with less money spent on marketing.”

If the Rent2Buy concept does not fit a particular sales situation, sellers have other solutions to offer the customer, such as rent-to-own, lease-to-buy or “make an offer” arrangements.

For more information, contact Moti Kahana at (888) 386-6660 or

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Rent2Buy Autos Search Result

September 20, 2010 Leave a comment

The following image is what the search result will look like for Rent2Buy autos.

You can enter a make, model or zip code in the search bar and search the site this way. You have the option to search for rent to buy, rent to own, lease to buy, or make an offer autos. You have total control of your search, and can design your search based on the type or types of transaction you desire.

There is a section at the top of the page that lists the top offers from the main rental car companies. You have the option to choose the type of vehicle you are searching for from the drop down menu, and take a look at the top offers from the rental car companies listed in the chart.

After you have made your search and the search result is displayed, it will be shown just as it is in this slide. A list of autos will be displayed, along with a picture of each, specifications, pricing, and the rental agency with which each is associated.

The blue tabs listed across the screen above the auto search results break down your search into various categories. You can display all listings at once, just rent to buy listings, just rent to own listings, just lease to buy listings, just make an offer to dealer listings, or just make an offer to owner listings. Next to each type of listing, there will be a number in parentheses, indicating how many results this type of search yielded.

Users can check or uncheck the various boxes on the left side bar in order to tailor their search results to their specific needs. You have to option to choose between airport or non-airport locations, and select from different car classes, rental agencies, car makes, car options, and more.


Rent2Buy 2011 Automotive Marketplace: Virtual Auto Mall

September 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Coming in 2011, rent2buy will be the online marketplace providing you with access to rental inventory in your area. On rent2buy, you will be able to compare and see available inventory in and around your zip code. The new rent2buy automotive section will enable you to make educated decisions about who you want to do business with by allowing you to choose which rental car company you want to rent to buy  from.

The rent2buy automotive platform will allow you to compare pricing between rental companies. You can then make an informed decision about which company you want to use to ‘try it before you buy it.’

The image below is what the rent2buy search result page will look like.  Please give us feedback.

The rent2buy automotive marketplace is in essence, a virtual auto mall. Auto malls come about when car companies set up stores near each other so that they can defer the cost of getting you, the customer, to visit their location. The same goes for the online marketplace. The rent2buy automotive section will showcase various rental car companies. These companies want to have their inventory searchable on the rent2buy platform so that they can best reach you; it benefits rental car companies to be listed amongst all competing companies. You, the customer, also benefit from the comprehensive online listing of all rental car companies; all of the information and inventory you need to make the best possible decision about which car to try before you buy is right at your fingertips.

For rental car companies, having their company listed on the rent2buy site means less money spent on advertising and driving customers to their own site. Like an auto mall, it allows them to spend less money on marketing overall. Instead of one company spending more money, every company can spend less on marketing but get more traffic because everybody is helping in a joint marketing effort.


New homepage for to launch 2011

August 31, 2010 Leave a comment

What do you think about’s new homepage? The homepage, shown below, will be your go-to portal for searching autos of any kind on the rent2buy site.

The auto section of rent2buy will be coming in early 2011. On the rent2buy site, you will be able to browse cars by type, make and model. You will also be able to search for rent to buy, rent to own, lease to buy or make an offer.

The rent2buy site is about all 4 search options : rent to buy, rent to own, lease to buy, and make an offer to a dealer. You can search specifically for each kind of transaction, or explore them all! This means there are four entirely different options available for how to structure your transaction.

The rent to buy transaction is short term, and all about giving you an opportunity to ‘try it before you buy it.’ The rent to own transaction is more long term and entails monthly payments over a longer period of time until you eventually own your vehicle. Lease to buy is similar to rent to own in that you make a monthly payment over a period of time; the difference is that with lease to buy, your payments are smaller, and there is a large balloon payment at the end of your transaction if you want to purchase the vehicle. If you decide not to purchase it, you can return the car at the end of the lease term and you do not need to make a final balloon payment. The last option is to make an offer to a dealer. This means setting your own parameters in terms of how long you would like to rent the vehicle and how much you are willing to pay to do so. The make an offer option allows you to make an offer to a dealer and then work out an agreement that is suitable to you both.

On the site, you will also be able to search used rental cars by make, model, zip code, and desired pick-up date. With all of the available search options, you are guaranteed to find a car that suits your needs.

The idea behind is to allow you, the consumer, to easily search for autos that fit your needs. What makes rent2buy unique in the auto industry is that you have various options for purchasing a vehicle. The rent to buy process is a valuable option that many are not aware exists and have not considered exploring.

Rent to buy allows you to try out a car before you buy it. Let’s say, for example, you have searched used rental cars by make and model and have located a car near you. You aren’t sure if this car is going to be big enough for you and your family to fit comfortably. Constantly shuttling your kids around town to various sports and other activities, you know how important it is to find a car that fits just right.

The rent2buy site allows you to rent a car for a short period of time and try it out before you buy it. After the rental period is over, you can choose whether or not to buy the car. If it was a great fit, go ahead and buy it! If you think there’s another option that might be better for you, go ahead and try out something different.

Because you can try it before you buy it, the vehicle that you purchase in the end is guaranteed to be exactly what you want. There is no commitment at all to buy the car. So hop in that red Camaro, take your wife for a spin, and convince her you really, really need it. Who knows, at the end of a few short days of chauffeuring her around town in it, you may just be the owner of that bright red sports car you always dreamed of.

Thoughts on the rent to buy process? Thoughts on the look of the new homepage? Let us know!


Get Ready to Ride! Introducing the Rent2Buy Hoka Hey Team

December 15, 2009 2 comments

About two weeks back, we rode through the Rent2Buy motorcycle world with news that our bikes are ready to go, and we’re sending a team of Hell’s Angels (or at least Rent2Buy angels) out to the Hoka Hey challenge—the 7,000 bike race from Florida to Alaska.

 Now, we’d like to introduce our team of easy riders. Meet Dave Weissinger and Bob Madurski, two of the baddest bikers around (who also happen to be real nice guys).

You can find Dave burning up the pavement just about anywhere—from Bandara, Texas to Hot Springs, Arkansa, and everywhere in between—wherever his motor will take him. And Bob splits his time between his NJ Thrifty Car Rental locations and hammering down and hitting the road as much as he can.  

You’ll be hearing more about these two—and maybe even from them—as we get closer to the race come June. (We’ll also be tracking them online throughout the race.) But for now we’d like to give these guys a Hoka Hey/ Rent2Buy salute and welcome—and to let you know that, here at Rent2Buy, we’re more than just waxers. We’re serious about using our sleds.

We’ve got a picture of Dave on his Harley just below—you can see what we mean. Ride hard, friends—and rent to buy.

Dave Weissinger, a Rent2Buy motorcycle rider

Dave Weissinger, from the Rent2Buy Hoka Hey Challenge Team

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7,000 Miles of Wind, Pavement, Rent-to-Buy—and ½ a Million Bucks

November 26, 2009 1 comment

Here at Rent-to-Buy, we’re big fans of motorcycles. We think everyone should lease one, should buy one, or even own one—whether it’s a Harley, a Kawasaki, or a Honda. Just get on your bike and go!

That’s why, coming soon, Rent-to-Buy will launch a brand-new rent to own category: Motorcycles! Rent or lease your motorcycle through Rent-to-Buy, and you’ll be able to own your own bike before you know it.

And to celebrate the new section of our website, we’ve proudly become a sponsor of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge—the grueling, amazing, incredible motorcycle race extending 7,000 miles—from Key West, FL to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska—starting on June 20th, 2010. The race raises funds for US veterans and soldiers’ families in need, and the winner comes back with $500,000.

Yes, $500,000. That’s a lot of hogs.

We’re so excited about motorcycles and the challenge, we’re sending one Rent2Buy employee to ride in the race. And through our partnership with Eagle Rider (the largest motorcycle tourism company on earth), you can rent your own bike to ride in the race—of course, with option to buy. That means that if you get attached to your bike over all that pavement, you don’t have to give it back to us. You can just buy it, and ride it home.

(Just a technical note: the challenge is only for Harleys—specifically, Harley-Davidson™, V-Twin, air-cooled motorcycles; no V-Rods or Victory’s allowed.)

So rev your bike engines, freedom riders—and get ready to rent-to-buy!